My son’s Williams girlfriend did not believe in God . After coming to my home a few times she said to William I love the energy at your Dad’s house . He told her there is a pyramid in my home and it radiates energy . We explained who His Holiness is and about the tools . Now she knows there is a God , she has a small weaver pendent and earrings and when she comes home from collage she comes over to spend time in the pyramid . Thank you Buddha for all the big and small things . My neighbors , friends and family are benefiting so much from the tools . William , Maria , and Bill Herbert
— William Herbert, New York - 09/2012
Meditating in the pyramid every day using the Om and the invocation is truly transforming my life. Thank you for the gift of this instruction. I am noticing more clarity, calmness and the ability to more often handle stressful situations in life easily while remaining centered. I am also witnessing the blessings of everything just flowing much more naturally and easily, with less resistance. Using the etheric weaver often is helping too. I especially appreciate that it works on a picture or even the name of the person who is being weaved because sometimes it doesn’t happen that they want to sit still and be receptive for as long as it takes for the weaver to do its thing. I have noticed dramatic results with the weaver in calming dramatic emotional situations and changing the dynamic into a much calmer positive loving space. Thank You Buddha Maitreya for the blessings again and again in my life.
— Penn Martin, Nevada City, CA - 11/2013
A new woman was recently hired at my workplace. She was struggling and facing challenges in her duties and with her co-workers. She came to me one day asking for help and support. After a brief chat, I got her full name and simply told her I would put her in my prayers. placed her name inside my Buddha Maitreya pyramid at home, with the Soul Therapy music playing 24/7, and weaved her name two or three times over the following several days. Today we crossed paths and she thanked me for the prayers and said (with a big smile) she feels better and things are very good. She gave me a warm hug. I am so grateful for these tools. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for your blessings upon this sweet soul
— Laura, Salt Lake City - 6/2012
I just wanted to say thank you so much to Buddha Maitreya and share that I love him! I have had really bad hearing for near three years and it was getting worse and I was so worried about it being a young mother of two. I got the ascension pyramid a few months ago and have been sleeping and meditating in it – in fact, my whole family uses the pyramid - my two young sons, husband and I all enjoy our time in the pyramid on our own and as a family! When I meditated and slept under the pyramid, I could tell something was shifting – I could feel my face and the back of my head where I had a lot of tension start to relax and felt like my hearing could be getting better! Yesterday, I went to see a hearing specialist and I was so nervous!! I just prayed to God and Buddha Maitreya and knew He would be there with me. I just learned that my hearing has improved so much!! – the doctor said that it is even better than average. I am just over the moon! Thank you very much, Buddha Maitreya!
— Brenda MacPherson, Scotland - 6/2013
Hi, just wanted to comment that I have received so much spiritual insight from meditating under the pyramid. I live in Jacksonville, FL and go once a week to Mariellen’s healing room. Yes, I feel so fortunate and just wanted to send the message to Buddha Maitreya that I am eternally grateful for the personal experiences that could only have happened through the pyramid. I told Mariellen about some of them and I cannot tell her enough the immense value of this pyramid for myself and others. I have a few of his cd’s. Can’t express all that has transpired within me but believe me it is huge! When I first learned of his tools I did not see the real value but when I got under the pyramid things began to change. One experience showed me that he is who he says he is and more. I have learned so much and hope to learn a lot more. Thank you so much.
— Jane Gerald, Jacksonville, FL - 6/2012
I have been working with the healing tools made available by His Holiness Buddha Maitreya since the early 1990s. At that time I was suffering ill health anxiety stress and a number of other symptoms. In the early days I used the vajra etheric weaver as well as participating in soul therapy. I have had a Shambhala Pyramid System in my home for many years. The Puja’s laid down by his His Holiness have also been ever present in my house for many many years. The tools have changed my life in such a profound way it is difficult to find words to express my gratitude to His Holiness. My health both physical and emotional has improved so markedly that I now have a much happier and healthier life. I experience less fear and anxiety and now live with a much greater feeling of inner calm and joy. Without doubt I have become a nicer person; less judgmental and more compassionate. I have heard His Holiness talk about the tools at Dharshan on many occasions. His only desire is to make us more like him; the tools increase our Buddha nature. It is sometimes easy to forget why the tools achieve such miraculous results. It is because we all live at such an auspicious time when His Holiness Buddha Maiterya is physically incarnated walking the earth energizing the lay lines as he does so. It is His Holiness Buddha Maitreya that supports all the Tulkus who have nobody else to turn to. Irrespective of the circumstances or the level of need he never says no. It is only because His Holiness is here that the temples and monasteries are not only supported but regenerated. Large numbers have now been able to experience the blessings and healing of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya through his tools. It is only when His Holiness is incarnated that this can happen. It is important to understand that it is solely the energy of the Christ that drives the entire process of planetary and personal healing. He is the only true doctor the only true healer. It is for this reason that we should always pray for the long life of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Jesus the Christ. It is only he who can heal the nations and manifest the divine plan of peace on earth.
— Nick Greenwood, London, UK - 8/2008
 Nick Greenwood
I am writing this after an amazing healing session in the Soul Therapy Pyramid. It is a powerful and beautiful healing tool which works on many levels. I feel calm and relaxed with a feeling of inner peace and tranquility and refreshed and full of life. It has touched my heart and will continue to do so on a very deep and wonderful level words cannot express my gratitude. Love and light and wisdom.
— Lee Newman, London, UK - 7/2005
I have been meditating in the ascention pyramid for over a month now and the effects are feels like i’m in a very safe sanctuary the peace and stillness are not of this world. My daughter meditates with me and has said she feels completly safe and protected while inside the pyramid. I am immensely grateful for this blessing. Thank you.
— Denise Marsden, Perth, Australia
Full Crystal Soul Therapy Pyramid for Soul Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah

Full Crystal Soul Therapy Pyramid for Soul Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah

There is a Soul Therapy Pyramid Room in my store downstairs under the restaurant. Many people have experienced the room directly and many more by being in the space around the room. Being near or in the room has lifted people experiencing depression and/or suicidal feelings. The experiences of people using the room seems to personally relate to them and varies accordingly. One man came in one day to tell me he had used the Soul Therapy Room 3 years ago and it had changed his life. Another time a little boy maybe 6 or 7 years old had gone downstairs in the store where the room is located. His mother told me he had asked her if she could see all the angels down there and he wanted her to buy him a Soul Therapy CD which she did even though she didn’t understand what he was experiencing. Another time a man came in the store and told us he had been estranged from his son for many years after an argument. He did not know where his son was but flew into Colorado and came to Manitou Springs because this was the last place he had known his son to be several years ago and he was hoping to somehow find him. When he left the store his son was standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.
— Susan Wolfe, Colorado Springs